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Zinda Murgi ke Bacho ka Qeema Zalim Video

Zinda Murgi ke Bacho ka Qeema Zalim Video

Vegetarian always have questions over non vegetarian as they commit tyrant activities on animals for getting meat. Especially they arises their voices when they see such kinds of video on internet which definitely shook the spirits. Nobody in this world would say this right as people are mistreating to little chicks in the given videos.

Zinda Murgi ke Bacho ka Qeema Zalim Video

When it was asked to them as why they are crushing to very little chicks that even are not fully grown. They replied as they are all male chicks and they are useless for them after knowing their gender. So, it would better to crush them by making crushed meat rather than to spend money on all of them which would not go in the favor of business.

According to business point of view, they were right and business does not allow them to bear loss. So being a human, it also does not allow us to make tyrant activities while crushing such little chicks. It is not happened in poultry sector but also happened in beef farms.

One documentary also made on cow forum in Australia where businessman treated to little buffalo in the same style as previous ones are doing with little male chicks. They also do not wait for them being grown and they send to all little buffalos to slaughter house after their 4th day. They were even detached from their mother cow after passing one day with them.

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