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Zakir Naik Answers About Various Religions in PK Film Raised

Zakir Naik Answers About Various Religions in PK Film Raised

Zakir Naik Answers About Various Religions in PK Film Raised

PK has the characteristics common human behavior that looks so organic and natural for us. “Oh my God,” was only weak points in different religions and God men naive people that restricts beautifully portrays use. While PK conspiracy to same concept but centered a wider range of things to do like how we humans continue to live our daily lives, instead of presenting so many mistakes, which is eccentric to someone not familiar with us has.

PK has much more to offer than just a Hindu god men offer fools students. Do not see it as you belong to one of the religions, you look at a common human no religion, institution, caste, country, religion or color attached. You are pointed in the same trap PK out falls in the film. Look at it this way, we are just petty people live on a small Gola (planet) in a distant galaxy, the one that’s 100 billion out there in the universe. PK Gola (Planet) do not even have a religion so there is no segregation and to live a simple and happy life. You can see how insignificant your concern is now. This is the broader theme of the film and exposing a Hindu god man was a little aspect of it they want to highlight.

These are some things PK pointed out that you should have spent time thinking about:

– As our language is incredibly complex, we mean different things by saying the same thing in different ways and do not even realize how strange that is unfamiliar to an outsider with him.

– How easy we believe in the things that we are told by others: Jaggu If you read the letter she immediately thought that the God-man prophesied correctly and Sarfaraz never familiar. Although she never believed the God-man all her life, but it took very little effort by the God-man, for her to believe otherwise.

– How do we as people live in fear: “Darr Gaye to Gaye Mandir“. Most people live their lives in fear and powerful people turn that fear into profit. How easy a discarded rocks can be a source of supply, advice and good luck when placed outside a university during the tests for students excited.

– Our Hypocrisy: As everyone is jumping again like the money from her purse but nobody wants their condom back and runs away from her. We spend huge sums of the announcement to the world of our marriages, but still can not talk about sex.

– Our prejudices: He is the perfect man, who also writes poems that you love, but it turns out that he is a Muslim from Pakistan and suddenly the smile on your face is gone for a toss. They begin to condemn him and make you believe that it will not work, even though it is ideal for you.

Lets spend time, we understand about any failures as human beings, and not on the basis of small indifferences in our ideologies otherwise not fight much time would be place for the earth to a “Lull”.

pk is not a documentary called “All exposed the errors in all the great religions”. There are so many mistakes in so many religions in our society. You are obliged to leave some or the other in a feature film. Pk tried his best by pointing out, as much as they can do by focusing on the big picture through a small story in relation to Hinduism.

They decided on a particular story has to focus on the madness of human nature.

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