Thursday , 19 October 2017
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Zainab Jameel Talk Show with Shahid Afridi

 Zainab Jameel Talk Show with Shahid Afridi

The world advances in every way with every passing year but not all of these changes are always good. Plastic surgery is one such advancement which was invented for more useful purposes but then the field of cosmetic surgery was introduced which meant that surgery of this kind was not only for people who were in dire need of it but people who wanted to change their facial features for cosmetic purposes could also put this new advancement to use.

There was a time when Pakistani female celebrities only relied on make-up to change their looks. Make-up is temporary but cosmetic surgery is either permanent or sometimes it takes time to wear off. This is why many of our female celebrities keep on looking different. Sometimes they look completely different from their original face and at other times they start looking more like themselves.

When you look at all these pictures you will observe one thing, some of these celebrities may look younger than before but by getting cosmetic surgery done they have lost their natural looks and they have lost the innocence which was on their face before the surgery.

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