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Zaid Ali Ten Most Popular Videos Must Watch

Zaid Ali  Ten Most Popular Videos Must Watch

Zaid Ali (Urdu: زید علی ‎) better known by his YouTube pseudonym ZaidAliT is a Pakistani-Canadian YouTube personality and social media figure from Waterloo, Ontario best known for his YouTube videos

Zaid Ali Ten Most Popular Videos Must Watch

The Desi culture, and especially the culture of Desis living in the west, is the main inspiration for Ali’s videos. He has gained a lot of popularity, mainly through Facebook and YouTube. Ali also creates vlogs on a separate channel called ZaidAliTV Vlogs. As of January 2016, his YouTube channel has over 420,000 subscribers and more than 47 million views. His Facebook page, where he also posts links to his videos, has more than a million likes. In addition to making YouTube videos, Ali has also started to perform on-stage. In January 2015 he was offered a role in a Hollywood film which was a kissing scene but he turned down, elucidating that he could never imagine doing something of the sort.[2][3] In March 2015, he posted a video with the title “Bollywood dialogue in real life'” on YouTube which went viral after that video was tweeted by Sonakshi Sinha.

Watch Videos

1:Getting into a fight (Boys vs. Girls)

2:Driving with brown dads..

3:Brown people during the Cricket World Cup..

4:This needs to stop! Let’s make a difference together.

5:Getting picked up at Airport (White people vs. Brown people)

6:White Police vs. Desi Police

7:Desi Grandmas (Regular day vs. Wedding day)

8:White people vs. Brown people with dogs..

9:How brown people go out..

10:ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
Me and my mom doing the ALS Ice bucket challenge!

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