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Youth miraculous Survive hitting by Train track

Youth miraculous Survive hitting by Train track
لرزہ خیز فوٹیج: ٹرین کے سامنے کون زیادہ دیر کھڑا رہتا؟ شرط جیتنے کے چکر میں فیصل آباد میں لڑکے کے پرخچے اڑگئے۔۔۔ کمزور دل ویڈیو نی دیکھیں

People almost hit on Train Track in various points but they remained safe by the will of God. In the first clip, you can see how man was saved when he was very near to hit by train. He was walking and had been engrossed in something as he even did not know about the train and its horn. He was walking in the middle of track when train started to horn over him.

Youth miraculous Survive hitting by Train track

People informed him about the train track and he was suddenly frightened and turned toward safe side. Actually there were three railway tracks and he was walking in the middle one. In both tracks of outer sides, trains had come at his time and he was very left side and he might be hit but due to timely informed, he got saved fortunately.

In the next video you can see how one man was busy to make video of one train track which was coming from his side. He was totally engrossed in making video when one another train was coming from his backside and he was totally unknown about its approach. He was really frightened when it passed very near to him as only 1-2 inches difference from hit.

He abruptly moved aside so that he could save himself. In the next video clip, you can see as one big vehicle was stopped due to closed gates of railway tack. It was very near to railway track and he had no idea about the closeness of his truck’s front. When train reached at that position, he got idea as it was too much horrible.

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