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Young Metro Girls Abusing CCTV Video Leaked

Young Metro Girls Abusing CCTV Video Leaked

میٹرو لڑکی کی بیہودہ گالیاں کر اپ کو بھی شرم آہ جے گی اصل مسلہ کیا تھا مکمل ویڈیو دیکھیں

On the occasion of International Women’s Day , a group of drunken girls were allegedly caught on cam hurling abuses and creating a scene inside the metro. Here’s a few drunk a**hole chicks bothering a guy in the metro,” wrote the guy who uploaded this video on Facebook. The clip has now gone viral on the social media and a lot of people are condemning this disgraceful act.

Young Metro Girls Abusing CCTV Video Leaked

It was the eve of Women’s day we could find the women’s day advertisements everywhere. Sales were going on the women apparels. News Papers were loaded with ads. NGOs, hoardings were fully loaded with women empowerment and women’s day celebrations. We boarded the Delhi Metro. And along with us four girls were also traveling in the metro. We all noticed that these ladies were sloshed like anything. But it is completely their prerogative to consume alcohol or not.

Consuming alcohol or not is their prerogative, but creating scene inside the metro is not their prerogative. And we have all the rights to tell them, “Please Hold Your Horses, there are other co-passengers boarded  in the metro.” We might have ignored them for creating the scene, but we could not able to resist ourselves when we saw some of the older age ladies were feeling emberessed. One of us very politely said,

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