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Youm e Takbeer day when Pakistan invincible

Youm e Takbeer day when Pakistan invincible

اٹھائیس مئی کو اسی دن اسی وقت پاکستان کے ایٹمی دھماکے کی نایاب ویڈیو… دیکھیں انڈین فوج کی کیا حالت ہوئی …. اتنا شیئر کریں جتنا آپکو فخر ہے انڈین بہت کوشش کررہے کہ اس ویڈیو کا نام و نشان نہ رہے

Corruption is one of the biggest issue, whole world is facing today. Corruption exists everywhere however varies in different degrees and this rate of degree has a direct impact on the country’s and their citizen’s development.

Youm e Takbeer day when Pakistan invincible

In developed countries corruption is only limited to small projects and public don’t encounter it on daily basis however in underdeveloped countries the whole system is corrupt as every single person is trying to fill his own pockets. Today corruption is not limited to just money. We are facing the issue of moral corruption along with the financial one. While looking the past history of ideas of crimes, we will let know that the tendency of crimes has also become severe with the passage of time it’s all because the people have forgot the right ways to follow.

The hearts people are not clear. Corruption is highly linked with morals as people forget all their norms and values and get under the influence of corruption. As degree of corruption is equal by adding monopoly and discretion and by minusing transparency and morality. Today people don’t bother about the feelings of others. They are leading us to a society where everyone is corrupt. Our society needs reforms today. It needs our full corporation in this battle to tackle all the problem caused due to this single word corruption. It must be stopped in lower and as well upper sections as without stopping it our country will not succeed in the race of development.

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