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You won’t believe when you see amazing

You won’t believe when you see amazing

Technology has really changed the way we interact with the world. It can even change our perceptions of things in it.
You won’t believe when you see amazing

That’s extremely true when it comes to Adobe’s Photoshop software, which has become the buzzword for digital image manipulation. You can’t pick up a magazine nowadays without seeing images designers have altered to make models skinnier, cars shinier or dull urban cities turned into sunny, vibrant places you’d like to live.

And for the most part, the pictures look flawless. Sometimes though they go wrong. Very, very wrong indeed. That’s why we’ve compiled 79 of the funniest Photoshop errors we’ve found on the internet to show just how badly a Photoshop job can go. While the software is an amazing tool with depth of function to allow almost any creation the human running it can imagine, it takes skill.

From extra hands to missing limbs, this collection of what can only be described as Photoshop cock-ups should make you chuckle.

While some are actually almost good, it’s the fine attention to detail that counts when using a tool like this which you might spot on a second viewing. Of course, some are just downright ridiculous. We had to include some magazine covers just to show how top professionals can get it wrong too.

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