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Yazeed Ki Kabaar Ka Haal, Tomb of Yazeed

Yazeed Ki Kabaar Ka Haal, Tomb of Yazeed  

Yazid was the son of Caliph Ameer Muawiya (R.A) and became the second Caliph of Ummayad Caliphate by ignoring the principles of Islam and will of public. It’s compulsory for the Caliph to take oath of allegiance from public but not by using force if the public doesn’t show trust on him. When Yazid took over the Caliphate, the Muslims of Islamic State turned against him.
Yazeed Ki Kabaar Ka Haal, Tomb of Yazeed

Imam Hussein (R.A) ibe Ali (R.A), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), also refused to take oath of allegiance of Yazid and he immediately left Medina with family and reached Makkah where Imam received huge support to become the Caliph.

The people of Kufa, a garrison town near Iraq, showed resilience against Yazid and asked help from Imam Hussein (R.A). Imam made promise to Kufa to help them and started his journey with his family. The few noble men advised Imam to stay in Makkah but he refused it as Imam made promise with Kufa.

On the way to Kufa, the Yazidi troops chased Imam Hussein (R.A) and surrounded him at the place of Karbala. Imam had no army with him neither he could go back or towards Kufa. The general of Yazidi troops forced Imam to take oath of allegiance of Yazid but all in vain. On 10th of Muharram, the first month of Islamic calendar, Imam was martyred along with family and few were caught.

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The martyrdom of Imam Hussein (R.A) added fuel to fire and people stood against Yazid. Therefore, Yazid sent his troops to invade Makkah and Medina. During three years of his unlawful Caliphate, Yazid could not restore peace in Islamic States and he died in misery without being loved by the Muslims at all.

It was admonitory end of Yazid and it was written on the walls the moment when he slaughtered Imam Hussein (R.A) along with family. Since then he is being hated by Muslims and the tomb of Yazid is the overt evidence of this hatred. The ruins of tomb of Yazid showed the admonitory end of the unwanted Caliph of Muslims.

Yazid ibe Muawiya, the second Caliph of Umayyad Caliphate, is being hated in Muslim world as he brutally slaughtered women and children of Hashemite along with Imam Hussein (R.A) the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). In the battle of Karbala Imam Hussein (R.A) was martyred along with most of his family members on not taking oath of allegiance of Yazid.

According to Imam Hussein (R.A), Yazid was not the right person for Caliphate as he did not ask permission from the council (Majlis-e-Shuraah) and it was against the principles of Islam. Yazid forcefully wanted oath of allegiance from Imam and sent troops to convince him at any cost.

On the way to Kufa, a place near Iraq which was the capital during the Caliphate of Hazrat Ali (R.A), the Yazidi army surrounded Imam Hussein (R.A) ibne Ali (R.A) along with family members at the place of Karbala (A Dessert). It was the month of Muharram, the first month of Islamic calendar, and weather was too hot.

The troops of Yazid blocked the access of water for Imam Hussein (R.A) and family and asked him to take oath of allegiance. With all these problems, Imam refused to take oath and confronted with outnumbered troops. On 10th of Muharram, Imam Hussein (R.A) got martyrdom along with his sons and family members. He fulfilled his promise to the people of Kufa but Kufa betrayed Imam and didn’t send any support for him.

After the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (R.A), the people of Medina and Makkah retaliate against the brutality of Yazid and during his three years of suspicious Caliphate Yazid didn’t find peace at all. He died in misery after three years and in all these years he never loved by the people. He also damages Islam at lot as he tried to change the basic principles of Islam.

Yazid was buried in a dark street of Damascus and the tomb of Yazid has turned into ruins whereas Imam Hussein (R.A) still gets respect from the Muslims for not compromising on right path. During his life and after miserable death, Yazid never got respect and the ruins of Yazid’s tomb are the proof of hatred.

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