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Women road incidents fall down from bike

Women road incidents fall down from bike

استغفراللہ! ایک ہی جگہ پر موٹرسائیکل کے دو خوفناک حادثے ایک ساتھ؛ دونوں لڑکیاں ہلاک؛ اللہ ایسی موت سے بچائے۔ کمزار دل ویڈیو نہ دیکھیں

Females save in horrible road incidents when they were travelling on motor bikes with their husbands. Both motor bikes were going at normal speed when they crossed to a truck. They got a road jump due to which first female could not afford it and finally dropped down. She was dropped just before the truck but remained safe.

Women road incidents fall down from bike

On the other hand, at the backside of truck another female saw that road incident and asked her husband to stop the motorbike. He was just trying to stop but she also could not maintain her balance and fell down hilariously. People burnt as petrol tanker set on fire on the main road. According to sources, there was one big vehicle of petrol that got out of its control on the road and smashed with another vehicle. After smashing, petrol vehicle was also on the road in prostrate form. People were gathered around it and started to rescue the people in it.

When they were busy to rescue to people they totally forgot as it is an oil tanker not a simple vehicle. They were engrossed to complete their efforts to rescue the people and many others were standing there and watching the whole scenario.

They were just in amid of their efforts when they got another problem nearby them. As we earlier said the smashed tanker was full of petrol and they did not care of it. The petrol started to leak on the road too much but nobody noticed.

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