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Women Harassment catch by CCTV Video Leaked

Women Harassment catch by CCTV Video Leaked

دوسروں کی ماں بہنوں پر ہاتھ ڈالنے والے یہ کیوں نہیں سوچتے کہ یہ انکی ماں بہن کے ساتھ بھی ہو سکتا ہے

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. With the advancement of time, beauty salons etc are getting were common there. There are beauty parlours for both boys and girls. Recently a beauty salon has been found in which indecent acts were going on. It was a beauty salon in front of the people but in real there was a massage parlour inside it.

Women Harassment catch by CCTV Video Leaked

Indecent and bad acts were carrying out inside the massage center. The media recently showed the real image of that parlour. The police and a journalist did raid on the parlour. Many men and girls were found inside the parlour. Bad acts were going on there. There were luxurious rooms inside that massage center.

Air conditioners and beds were present inside the rooms in which massage was carried out by girls. The conditions is getting very bad in Karachi. The people carrying out these acts have forget their limits. They have forget that its not Europe but Pakistan which is a Muslim country. The 24 News program clearly showed the footage of the the massage center.

Many people who were caught there red handed started hiding their faces in front of camera. One of the man who was caught there touched the hand of the journalist. The journalist started shouting on him and the police beat him. These type of incidents are quite common now a days. Many people are doing bad things and are hiding themselves.

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