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Women Caught Red Handed Hiding Stolen Items In Saree

Women Caught Red Handed Hiding Stolen Items In Saree

Saree can be a tricky dress as wearing it is far more difficult than it wear self. However, these hidden cam video is from India you do to change your views. Some women were doing shopping in a store, and they have no idea that hidden camera were arranged to record them. The shameful visuals brought nothing but shame for the affected people.

Women Caught Red Handed Hiding Stolen Items In Saree

This hidden cam footage was uploaded a few days back and it created quite a buzz on social media. The rumor-mongers took the clip and spread over a fire in the forest. There was no end, arguments and laughter that creates the video. Here we bring you an uncut version of this clip. See for yourself

The above hidden cam material begins with three women at a shopping mall entry. They took a corner and started me some clothes. After determination of the staff employed, in another work, they began to steal things and did so with a jaw dropping perfection. All viewers agree that such a procedure has not yet been seen.

Watch Clip:

This hidden cam video thief jolted aunts, social media is not in India, but also Pakistan. Unfortunately, it turned the argument in a male vs. female fight, as some stupid men made disgusting remarks about thieves and label all women. According to reports, these women have been identified, but not yet put behind the bar.

The purpose behind the uploading this video is just to spread a smile. Hope that the owner would be saddened to receive adequate compensation. The owner should not cry over the loss and must remember golden words of Shakespeare, “the robbed that smiles steals something from a thief, he robs himself who spend a bootless grief.”

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