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Wild Pet Dog save child life in lahore

Wild Pet Dog save child life in lahore
تازہ ترین: لاہور میں ہونے والے کل کے اس واقعہ نے انسانیت کا سر شرم سے جھکا دیا، ہولناک ویڈیو

CCTV footage from a house in London shows a wild leopard forced to run away by a brave pet dog while trying to enter into residential building. The wild cat had escaped from a wildlife park in Mumbai and entered into a residential area.


Feeling the danger at the residence in London, the brave pet dog started barking with anger and not let the wild cat to cross the window from terrace. The leopard was scared away from the residence with the brave attitude of the pet in the home. Small pet was not scared with wild and beast opponent and was ready to sacrifice in loyalty. The giant beast had to accept defeat and leave the building on the show of brave attitude by small pet.

All over the London, millions of people have selected dog as their pet animal. Pet dog has proved to be the best companion of the humans than any other animal. No other animal can compare the loyalty of dogs with their owners. Several examples of big sacrifices can be quoted as the evidence of loyalty of these pets. They have proved to be the bravest and most loyal pet animal in all.

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