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Wife teach lesson to husband for caught on date

Wife punishment to husband for caught on date

 یہ عورت شوہر کو کس بات کی سزا دے رہی شوہر کو؟ بچے ویڈیو نہ دیکھیں

Wife does torture on her husband when she gets him with maid in privacy. She could not afford her husband’s relation with her maid. She firstly tried to ignore it when she saw him some months before. She also said to her husband in different hidden ways as people must not have any relation with their maids.

Wife punishment to husband for caught on date

She did everything to understand her husband but he could not get it what his wife was trying to understand him. He does not say goodbye to his personal friends especially to females and most importantly in his own home. She used to have same relations with the maid. He often took his maid to outside for having some fun without telling his wife which was all in his wife’s knowledge.

Sometimes, she also went behind her husband’s vehicle and watched everything which he did with the maid. Maid was also very happy in those days when she had some extramarital relations with her owner. It was acceptable for her his wife at all. One day, he decided to teach him lesson and asked him as she would never forgive him if she saw him with maid.

He again took it easy and started to have relation with maid. She got him with the maid from the room one day and hurt her badly and asked her not come at her again. Then she turned her furry towards her husband who was already too much ashamed off. He was begging from him but she had no room for forgiveness. She was affording all this since last April.

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