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Wicked Sense Karma is Bitch

Wicked Sense Karma is Bitch

People usually take the word “bitch” in a wicked sense. But here’s what it means: “a difficult or unpleasant situation or thing.” or “nightmare.” Consider a statement; Working overtime is a bitch. Replace bitch with the above meaning. So as you now know what bitch really means, let me come back to the question.

The phrase “Karma is a bitch.” rather came from a parallel idiom “Payback’s a bitch.” If a ​person says payback’s a ​bitch, they ​mean that something ​bad has ​happened as a ​result of something ​else.

The underlying ideology of karma, in lame words, only states; if a person has good intentions, then he will have a good future. If one has bad intentions and does evil things, then he/she has to suffer and payback for it in future. Karma can be applied in both positive and negative sense.

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