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while taking selfie Crocodile eats British girl

while taking selfie Crocodile eats British girl
 اللہ ایسی موت سے بچائے، مگرمچھ لڑکی کو زندہ نگل گیا۔ کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

This video becomes viral on all internet portals when British girl got attack of one crocodile when she was busy in making photo with her friend. It looked as it was done spontaneously by the crocodile but after watching the video carefully, it seems as he was watching her movements for long time. When she came near the pool she was attacked.

while taking selfie Crocodile eats British girl

It really took only few minutes while getting viral around the whole world on all internet portals. There are also some people who claim as it is not the real one but according to some people it is original as cameraman could not balance himself after the attack. If it was made by proper planning the cameraman does not shake badly.

After watching the whole video, it was that British girl who was forcing to her friend to make one more picture of her near the pool. She did not know as it might be her last footage in this world. When she again went near to pool she just got ready after having her last ever pose for picture but unfortunately it was for the crocodile not her friend.

Crocodile attacked at her as abruptly as nobody can imagine. Both of her friends were started to cry loudly as it would help to come her back but it was useless. They also started to run here and there rather than to call to emergency force. Actually they were got out of senses and did not know what to do at the moment.

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