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when tiger and lion attack humans

when tiger and lion attack humans
انڈیا میں جنگلی چیتا گھر میں گھسا تو دیکھیں باپ نے اپنے بیٹے کی جان بچانے کیلئے خالی ہاتھ خونخوار جنگ کرکے وحشی چیتے کو مار ڈالا کمال ویڈیو دیکھیں باپ کی محبت کی
The true figures for man-eaters:

It is a fact that only three out of every one thousand tigers will resort to attacking people, making their reputation as a man-eater quite inaccurate.

It is also a fact that even this low number of man-eaters has been enough to make the tiger responsible for more human deaths than any other predator.


Other animals also cause large numbers of deaths; these are just not as well-publicised as tiger attacks: For every one person killed by a tiger one hundred die from snakebite.

Lion attacks on man:

One of the best-known episodes of repeated lion attack occurred in Kenya in 1898. Rail construction was going on about 40 miles north of Tsavo National Park when two lions began killing the workers. Twenty-six Indians and a similar number of Africans lost their lives before the lions were shot.

In 1932, another famous series of attacks commenced in Tanzania near the southern town of Njombe.

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