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What happened with Hijab girl and Without Hijab

What happened with Hijab girl and Without Hijab ??

حجاب پہننے والی اور نہ پہننے والی لڑکی کیساتھ کیا ہوا ؟؟ ویڈیو انٹرنیٹ پر آتے ہی وائرل
Stylish abaya and Hijab Styles 2016 can increase the beauty of a woman. These two factors are very important for Muslim girls. Ladies use these special wears in order to cover their body.

What happend with Hijab girl and Without Hijab

This trend is followed by everyone throughout the world. Hijab is related to Arabian traditions and culture. Beautiful long dress that can cover all your body parts is called abaya. And you can cover your hairs with hijab. Mostly young girls wear this dress before going to outside their home. In this way they feel more comfortable in markets and other public places. Today the trend of wearing trendy and best abayas 2016 is increasing day by day.

Usually modern girls adopt this dressing sense just as a fashion. All the new designs are now available at good stores. Hijab styles are changing because it can be wear by using countless ideas. You can also use different dopattas and scarfs for this purpose. This latest collection is decorated with new embroidery patterns. They have use black and silver color excessively. Today the use of big buttons has become very common among women. The famous designers of Pakistan have recently revealed their abaya and hijab collection 2016.

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