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What Female Teacher Doing with Students

What Female Teacher Doing with Students
انگلش سکول میں لیڈی ٹیچر اپنے سٹوڈنٹ کیساتھ کیا کیا کرسکتی والدین موبائل ویڈیو ضرور دیکھیں کہ انکے بچے کن ہاتھوں میں جارہے

Life hereafter is the faith of those people who use their head and are found saying that the amount of injustice that is present in this world demands the life hereafter. Life of this world in order to be justified demands an afterlife. Logic is same as the people who suffer some injustice in an exam want the exam to be taken place again.

All the believers of afterlife are found saying that we do know that this life is temporary, we do know that we are supposed to do good deeds, we must help needy people, we must offer regular prayers and all whatever the words of God demand from us but we find ourselves not much capable because our inner desires or simply enemy within us come in our way.

The believers say that whatever we are doing in this world is simply pre written, many people mix this concept by saying that we do sins, we do bad deeds because we are made so and it is our destiny that we are made to suffer with bad deeds. This is not true, the true concept is that people will do so that is the reason it is already written by the God as he already knew, he is just letting people pass through this world because in afterlife when he will be deciding the place of heaven and hell for people, the reason will be their deeds in the world.

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