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Weird Ghost caught on hidden cam

Weird Ghost caught on hidden cam
یہ بچے اکیلے گھر میں ڈرجاتے تھے والدین نے خفیہ کیمرہ لگایا تو دیکھیں کیا ہولناک مناظر ریکارڈ ہوئے اگر یہ بھوت نہیں تو کیا تھا انکے ساتھ ؟؟؟

Alien word is used for the things that are not commonly known by the people, or are simply hardly seen by anyone, such strange creatures whenever are found on planet earth grab the attention of many people especially of those people who sell all such news.

Newspapers and magazines sell the news of strange creatures by making them more exaggerated and make people quite more interested in the news of strange creatures, human beings are always vulnerable and are fond of searching for new things or simply trying or exploring new things, this exploration lead them to find strange creatures.

Despite of discovering more than 8 billion creatures on the earth, there is still more chances of creatures to be there on the earth as planet earth shares life with many unknown creatures also along with human beings. There are many people who when find that unknown creatures are there then they become curious to look at them.

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