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Wedding Ceremony Tragedy With Groom Watch Clip

Wedding Ceremony Tragedy With Groom Watch Clip

A small tragedy with the groom in the wedding ceremony ruined the party for a while. His stage was broken accidentally when a lot of friends came to them in a group. However, it was soon fixed by the family members of the Bride. Not one is seriously injured in the little incident.

Wedding Ceremony Tragedy With Groom Watch Clip

Pakistan weddings are traditional in most parts of the country today held yet. The traditional way of celebrating the most important day in the life of a bride and groom will be celebrated by the families, with much joy and happiness. In villages, almost all the village in the wedding ceremony invited.

Only those people not have the opportunity, the Wedding functions that have some differences in the family, attend to get. However, trying to end the differences between the families and invite all the bride and groom to do. Separated families since a long time gets a chance to unite in marriage. In other words, bring these oceans blessing in the families.

Distribute The bride and groom also gifts and money to the poor people in their villages. Many other good things are done by the couple to have a blessing on the wedding day. Such things are rarely seen in the cities and in modern society. Not to worry wealthy people in the cities of the families and the poor conditions in society.

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The rich consider that you acquire the happiness and blessing for the bride and groom with their wealth. Do not spend huge amounts on their functions but how to spend just a few of the poor in society. The wedding ceremonies rich in society have become a comprehensive view of wealth and nothing more.

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