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Wedding Ceremony Shameful Act of Groom Watch Clip

Wedding Ceremony Shameful Act of Groom Watch Clip

An Indian groom was obliged mockery for all guests at wedding ceremony when he outrages in the presence of the bride. The groom was pointing his finger ridiculous to his bride, who was embarrassed by his rude behavior. The groom was by his friends because of his ridiculous attitude told to remain calm, as the guests were concerned.

Wedding Ceremony Shameful Act of Groom Watch Clip

The wedding was in Delhi, in which a large number of guests took place, including the nobility of the city. The groom could not control his emotions saw his partner in front of him and was upset. However, he was asked to control himself until the ceremony continued.

Indian youth tried to copy the western civilizations instead of their traditional rituals. According to Indian tradition, the bride and groom want to keep from each other until their wedding night. Do the traditional family, follow the rule even at that age, but as far as the newly rich people become concerned they are not bothered by it.

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The bride’s family was also annoyed and later warned of the anti-social behavior as the groom groom family to avoid such things. In the meantime, the friends of the bridegroom were not ashamed at his stupid actions and called it a part of the festivities. Groom friends were dancing with joy the event memorable.

India is a multicultural society in which many of the social classes live up to their standards and values. However, the fusion of foreign traditions is threatened their ethnicity, which for most families is unacceptable.

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