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Viral Riksha Wala Exposed Pindi Street Model

Viral Riksha Wala Exposed Pindi Street Model
چائے والے کے بعد رکشہ والا بری طرح بے نقاب.. جسکو اب رکشہ والا سمجھتے رہے وہ تو کوئی اور ہی نکلا

A rickshaw driver in Ahmedabad, Manilal Gohil, has bought his only daughter Mittal – a national level shooter – a German made rifle worth Rs five lakh, with the money he had managed to put away for her marriage.


So surprising is the news that when father and daughter went to the local police commissioner to apply for a license, the authorities were surprised that a rickshaw driver had managed to purchase a rifle worth that amount. Fortunately for the Gohils, the police helped them get the required permission and praised Manilal for his efforts.

“My father and my family has sacrificed a lot just to fulfill my expensive hobby. After getting this rifle I will work hard to participate in international level and represent our country,” says Mittal, who lives with her parents and two brothers in a chawl in the Gomtipur area of Ahmedabad and has been practicing shooting for four years.

A passer-by heard a moaning noise and discovered the woman lying on the ground between a truck and a car with her legs spread apart. The man believed the woman was dead at first as her eyes were closed and he did not want to touch her to contaminate the scene.

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