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Vampires bite American Cops and tourist

 Vampires bite American Cops and tourist
  امریکا میں انسانوں کا گوشت کھانے والے انسانوں نے تباہی مچا دی- امریکا اس ویڈیو کو ڈیلیٹ کروا رہا ہے

Vampires emerge on road before vehicle when some people gave dodge to cop and tried to escape on the road. According to story, they were going somewhere for having picnic but they were stopped and asked to change the route due to some invincible reasons.


They could not understand the reason and they dodged to cop and were again on the same road. The cop tried to stop them but they did not stop and went ahead. He also called to next his partner who was stood in the next hurdle of cop. He asked him to stop them and asked them to come back at any cost.

Anyhow, when they were reached in the next cop hurdle they were worried as there was no one there. They all thought as it was better and there would be no disturbance from cop side. They were thinking this when vampires attacked on them. They were escaped from there and vampires were after them.

They even reached there at the same cop point where they were stopped and asked to change the route. They were worried as cop was not there. Driver decided to come out from his vehicle and he did the same. When he was out he was again attacked by the vampires and he was dead.

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