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Value of Marriage In Islam (Importance)

Value of Marriage In Islam (Importance)

براہ کرم زیادہ سے زیادہ اس پیغام کو ضرور شئیر کریں

Marriage is a vital part of the life of Muslims in Dubai, New York, London, and all places of the world. Religion Islam declares that it is mandatory for everyone to get married. As a Muslim, one should live according to Islamic jurisprudence.

Value of Marriage In Islam (Importance)

Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself married more than one time and encouraged everyone to enjoy this relationship. He (PBUH) has revealed that one should not delay three things: offering obligatory prayers, offering funeral player, and marriage when one’s couple has been found.

From this statement it is cleared that to become true believer of Almighty God, Nikah (marriage) is must. The Creator of mankind knows that in order to avoid many sins wedding is of great value. Knowing the significance of marriage, we must understand that marriages make incomplete human beings complete ones. It should be done as early as possible once a young boy or girl has begun practical life and is now able to fulfill the responsibilities.

Wedding is purposed to take a Muslim out of the hectic lifestyle. In an organized environment, you can enjoy not only physical relations with your partner but also share sorrows and happiness with them. Islam has given the right to a woman to be the wife of a man who earns enough to run the family.

In modern era, non-Muslims and even some Muslims are noticed to be not guilty because of having love affairs. This odd tradition has criminalized the societies to much extent. Marriages safeguard one’s faith as it stops us from committing immoral acts. People obviously get attracted towards opposite genders. Allah has kept this attraction and one can fulfill his physical desires after marriage.

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