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UFO caught on cam in Malaysia Alien Invasion

UFO caught on cam in Malaysia Alien Invasion
ملائشیا میں آج شام نظر آنے والی خلائی جہاز کی فوٹیج نے دنیا بھر کے میڈیا میں تہلکہ مچا دیا، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Very renowned space unit in the world tells about the UFOs in space near to earth. They also have intimidated to whole world as it can be dangerous for the whole world. They also shared some video clips with the world to prove it as they are right in this point.


On the other hand, some competent of that institutions they are making fun of their notions and opinions which they have delivered about UFOs. According to them, it is nothing but publicity stunt. They further added as they want to be in media by using different ways.

They further discussed another previous matter of that institution in which they proclaimed as world would be destroyed soon. They also showed some pictures at that time and tried to fool to whole world. People also got worried and they started to think to go where they would not hurt.

According to them, they asked to whole world as there was very large object was coming to earth and would hurt with full speed. They further said as the world could not be destroyed and perished badly. They also collected funds to save the world due to this cause.

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