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Two Major Crises Money & Women Watch Clip

Two Major Crises Money & Women Watch Clip

Since mankind came on this planet called Earth. There were two major crises. One of the money, and the second for women.

People are used to give over the fight and take and still struggling in the dispute in order to keep it. But controversy over women can be controlled. What we have to do is very simple. We need to pay the proper respect to all women that we see on the streets or in the encounter in our workplace.

Two Major Crises Money & Women Watch Clip

Most of the time working women do not work, just to make sure. You have finally confronted about job only because of the circumstances of their family. It is not myth for anyone in the world especially for the people of Asia, because poverty has the most important issues for them.

Girls come out of their homes at times to her father to support her husband, her siblings and sometimes their relatives. But sometimes people are not to be a factor behind next to the road.

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You even forget that they need to do, sister or mother in their home. You begin by girls, intimidating girl in office. Slide girl in the corner either girl on the street or they are in office.

We need to change this scenario. We need to start, respect for every girl, whether we relationship with the girl or we don`t. Table can only be reversed if we start the lessons our boys how to give proper respect to women. Society can only be in good shape when our next generation is not ignorant.

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