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Tsunami disasters deadliest Waves, Earthquakes Floods

Tsunami disasters deadliest Waves, Earthquakes Floods

Japan is the country that has been hit by Tsunami Waves several times. Human history has seen many disasters but few of them are very deadliest. Earthquakes, floods, droughts, heavy rains, volcanoes and endless list of natural disasters like this. But the most astonishing thing is that man has survived from such happenings with immense courage.

Tsunami disasters deadliest Waves, Earthquakes Floods

The Tsunami waves of Indian Sea were given the name of Tsunami which was unfamiliar like its demolition. The waves were so big that at least 14 countries bordering Indian Sea were affected consequently. Large scaled emergency was declared across the globe.

During last century, two of the Japan’s cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked with atom bombs by America which caused large scale destruction. Thousands of people burned to ashes and same numbers were paralyzed by those inhuman acts. The people who have visited those cities have found the marks destruction.

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It was a pleasant morning of 2004 when people of Japan woke up with new tasks and goals. They were all set to go to their work places when suddenly something unexpected took place. Large waves of water rise in Indian Sea and ultimate destruction got underway.

People living in suburban areas were deprived of their homes and lives in no time. There was water and water everywhere within the split of eyes as no precautionary steps were taken. In fact no technology was available at that time to handle such a terrible situation.

The homes and vehicles were floating like paper boats in the Tsunami waves. The roads and basic infrastructure of Japan was totally destroyed. Thousands of people died within few minutes while several got severe injuries.

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