Friday , 20 October 2017
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Trump Kaaba Viral On Social Media

Trump Kaaba Viral On Social Media

A fake video of Donald Trump has gone viral on social media. The clip shows Trump admiring a massive congregation gathered around Kaaba in Makkah – which has actually been doctored. #Trump #Video #Kaaba

According to the Arab News, the original picture of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration has been doctored in the video – showing him opining on the January 20 event. Trump points out at the ‘huge’ crowed that attended his inaugural ceremony captured in a photo.

“One thing this shows is how far over they go here, look how far this is, it goes all the way down, all the way down. Nobody sees that, you don’t see that. but when you look at this tremendous sea of life – I call it sea of love – it’s really something special, that all these people traveled from all parts of the country, maybe the world.”Trump can be seen saying while pointing at the picture in the video.

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