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Tragic Incident death during Live Press Conference

Tragic Incident death during Live Press Conference
کشمیریوں کی بد دعا؛ انڈین سیاستدان جب اسلام کا مذاق اڑا رہا تھا تو عزرئیلؑ نے جان نکال لی؛ ویڈیو دیکھیں

Tragic death of a Tennis super star during a live tennis match shook the tennis fans around the world. Fans of the sport and people related to the sport were very sad on the tragic incident. It was a world tennis championship men’s double event finals match. There were thousands watching in the ground. Millions of sports fans were watching the match live of their favorite sports channel.


Fans of Tennis have increased in the entire world since last few decades. Media and Sport Channel has taken the tennis sport in every part of the world. Now fans of a tennis match are found in every corner. When any main event is played, people rush towards the tennis stadiums.

Tennis has also become a very profitable sport for the media industry. Each Tennis match of any main event earns millions for the sponsoring Sports channel. Multinational companies spend huge amounts to get sponsorship rights of any main event in the world.

Tennis also has gathered many nations together. The latest example is Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik marriage. Both are from different countries but their wedding booth the people close. A tennis match of Sania Mirza now watches equally on sports channel in both countries.

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