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Toyota new Hybrid car for sale in Pakistan

Toyota new Hybrid car for sale in Pakistan
ٹویوٹا نے اپنی نئی گاڑی کو پاکستان میں فروخت کے لئے پیش کر دیا دیکھیے کتنی خوبصورت ہے لیکن قیمت جان کر آپ حیران رہ جایں گے

Toyota new Hybrid car for sale in Pakistan and its value pryuz company has Rs 44 lakh 99 thousand. Islamabad We are, Toyota has presented its new Hybrid car pryuz sale in Pakistan and the prices the company had Rs 44 lakh 99 thousand, the engine automatically as speed can reduce or faster and more during the traffic speed is reduced.

Offered for sale, this car interesting thing is that it is offered for sale in Europe and America was introduced for the first time in September 2015, after which in January and February and almost as Pakistan a year later were introduced last year in car design company, focused on technology as well as improved driving dynamics and Sons Toyota safety technology. the design is the same as the 2015 pryuz the 1.8 gasoline engine and powerful electric motor it has been that fuel efficiency as well as the drive mode switch. This feature is also capable of reducing emissions of pollutants and can be three modes normal, Eco and Power and EV choice.

crash safety is addressed and that pattern is designed to save travelers time of the accident hy.ayyr bags, anti-lock while it may be trying to avoid a crash by breaking and other systems with LED lights Multi-Function have been a number of features, including touch-screen audio system with steering wheel and multi-information display is remarkable, which can be connected to smartphones.

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