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Top Pakistani Celebrities who married more than once

Top Pakistani Celebrities who married more than once

They say that “the secret to a happy marriage remains a secret” and for many of us, married or not, we are still trying to figure out what that secret is. In Pakistan, divorce is not looked upon very highly and so when a man leaves a woman or a woman leaves a man – society talks. Marriage is a very personal decision and so is divorce – our society must learn to mind their own business – you can never truly know why someone left another. Today we are here to show you that divorce should not ever be your first option, but it should be an option. You must try to save your marriage, but you must also try to save your happiness. Here are 20 Pakistani celebrities who have married more than once and it’s okay!


Marriages are made in heaven but sometimes things here on earth do not work in favour of the people involved in these marriages. There are many Pakistani celebrities who were not very fortunate when it came to making their marriages work. Many people might not be aware of the number of weddings which did not work for our Pakistani celebrities.

1. Noor Bukhari

This is Noor’s 4th marriage. She tied the knot in April, 2015 with, co-actor, Wali Hamid Ali Khan.


2. Faisal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi married thrice. Currently he is married to a girl named Sana and is living a very happy life.

2  3. Shamoon Abbasi

Shamoon also married thrice. After Javeria Abbasi and Humaima Malik, Shamoon married a Canadian girl named Javeria Randhawa.


4. Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho also married thrice. Currently she is living with her third husband Samar Ali Khan, happily.


5. Adnan Sami Khan

The famous singer, Adnan Sami Khan, married thrice. After Zeba Bakhtiar and Sabah Galadari, he tied the knot with Roya Faryabi and has since been living happily with her.


6. Umer Sharif

Comedian, Umer Sharif also married thrice. After two marriages, he finally settled down with stage drama actress, Zareen Ghazal.


7. Shaista Lodhi

One of the most popular morning show hosts, Shaista Lodhi, recently tied the knot, a second time around.


8. Jamal Shah

After a divorce from Feryal Gauhar, Jamal Shah is now happily married to Amna Shah.


9. Abid Ali

TV actor and director Abid Ali was previously married to, actress and singer, Humera Ali with whom has three daughters, including actress Iman Ali. After his first marriage was discontinued, he married Rabia Naureen with whom he is happily married.


10. Nadia Khan

Former morning show host, Nadia Khan, is happily settled in her second marriage to Khawar Iqbal.


11. Saba Hameed

After the first marriage failed, Saba Hameed happily married fellow actor Waseem Abbas.


12. Javed Sheikh

Versatile TV, film-actor and director Javed Sheikh also married twice. His first marriage was to, model and actress, Zeenat Mangi. He later married the famous Pakistani film actress named Salma Agha.


13. Bindiya

Pakistani film and TV actress, Bindiya, is happily married to US based Dr Zafar. This is her 3rd marriage.


14. Syed Noor

Famous Pakistani film director, Syed Noor is happily married to his 2nd wife, a film actress named Saima.


15. Zeba Bakhtiar

Film, TV actress and producer Zeba Bakhtiar has been married four times. After Salman Valliani, Javed Jaffery and Adnan Sami she is now happily married to Sohail Khan Leghari.

1516. Wasim Akram

After the death of his wife Huma, Wasim Akram married Shaniera Thompson.


17. Salma Agha

Pakistani singer, Salma Agha, is married to, Dubai based businessman, Manzar Shah. Before Manzar she was married to Rehmat Khan and Javed Sheikh.


18. Imran Khan

PTI chairman and former cricketer, Imran Khan also married twice. His first wife was Jemima Khan, with whom he has two children. He is now happily married to Reham Khan.


19. Mehmood Aslam

Actor and comedian, Mehmood Aslam is happily married a second time, to wife Amber Nosheen.


20. Azfar Ali

Actor and director, Azfar Ali is also happily married to Navin Waqar who is his second wife.


So this in no way means you marry four or five times, no! But when you marry, think about it very carefully, give it your all, but if it still doesn’t work out, don’t shy away from divorce. It is not your first option – it is not even your only option – it is just another option. Be wise and think carefully before making any decision.

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