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Top 10 Lucky People Surviving in Road incident

Top 10  Lucky People Surviving in Road incident

یہ بھوت نہیں تھا تو گاڑیوں کے نیچے آکر مرا کیوں نہِں؟ حیرانکن ویڈیو دیکھیں

Every time you turn on the news, it’s just downright depressing with nothing but reports of murders, natural disasters, robberies, greed and corruption, to name just a few of the awful things being reported on. It’s actually quite refreshing to hear a bit of good news every once in a while.


Here is a list of ten people who, against all odds, survived the most terrible of circumstances and lived to tell about it. Do they have Lady Luck on their side or guardian angels watching over them? Maybe they were a cat with nine lives in a previous life. Who knows, but all of these people have one thing in common – they are astonishingly lucky! Hey, everybody likes a happy ending, right?

A 24-year-old Brazilian construction worker, Eduardo Leite, was having a seemingly normal day at his job until a six foot metal rod fell from the fifth-floor of the building he was working on. It pierced his hard hat and ultimately his skull.

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