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Tiger disturbs to nervous female attacks

Tiger disturbs to nervous female attacks
استغفراللہ! اللہ ایسی موت سے بچائے؛ کمزور دل ویڈیو نہ دیکھیں

Female becomes nervous when tiger attacks on her. Actually female was busy to have fun with her friends. They were all at picnic party in zoo and enjoying a lot. She sat near to cage of tiger and she wanted to have some pictures having the scene of tigers behind her. She was just sat there and getting her position when she got amazed.

Tiger disturbs to nervous female attacks

Actually it was the zoo of one of European countries where all wild animals were bound in glass cages. All animals can see people and people also can see them but wild animals could not attack on people. It was very wonderful concept of zoo management. In this way, visitors also get more enjoy while seeing wild animals more closely.

In some countries like Pakistan, wild animals are put far off from the visitors so that they could not harm to visitors. However, in this way visitors cannot have enough enjoyments while visiting in the zoo. They can only see wild animals from a distance but could not have pictures with them.

They also have some wild animals in the glass cages which are not furious and large ones. So, coming back to our story, she was very interested to have pictures with background view of tiger but tiger made a furious attack on her. She was completely frightened as tiger attacked on her in reality.

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