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Three Lions Fight with Man in London City Watch Video

Three Lions Fight with Man in London City Watch Video

London: Three lions fought brave man in London City during the circus show and the man who defeated animals, no sharp tools. The predators and people were locked in huge cage and the public witnessed the bravery of the people. The lion attacked him at the same time but could not defeat him as he. With water pipe for distraction.

Three Lions Fight with Man in London City Watch Video

The man was supported held by women in the circus show in London City and he decided to lock the door of the cage. The cage was surrounded by hundreds of people, while surrounded by three angry and hungry lions. He provoked the animals attack on him and the animals ran at him in anger. The man took the services of teachers at the London Zoo to control the attack of predators.

The public began to cry when the predators attacked him, and he fell on the surface of the cage. The animals were so closed to eat him, but he survived incredible how he used on the animals water pipe. The audience of London City witnessed the bravery and intelligence of the people in the fight and showed them how to survive against predators.

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The use of water diverted the lion and the animals face problems, the surface was smooth. It helped the man harder to get to the animals, as suggested by the London Zoo educators, and he was victorious in the fight. The circus arena was filled with so many young people, children and women, and they enjoyed the dangerous fight between husband and three lions.

The man trained the lions for this show but he kept the hungry animals before the show to trigger their hunting instinct. He took a risk of irritation of the hunting instinct of predators, as he lost his life if he does not use the water line on perfect time. The audience of London City recorded the amazing show in cameras, as it was one of the best memorable moments of their lives.

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