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Those Girls Who Are Not Getting Married

Amazing Video Those Girls Who Are Not Getting Married Must Read

Absolutely not. You are still changing and growing as a person. Your twenties are a time when you can cultivate a lot of life defining changes like your career and your views about a permanent partner. There is no need to rush into marriage unless you are ready.

Amazing Video Those Girls Who Are Not Getting Married Must Read

The only caveat is this- your pool to choose from will get smaller with time. As it is, Indians operate with a lot of unnecessary limitations when it comes to caste, creed, locality, and social status when it comes to marriage. In a country where women get married early the pressure is not their alone. Indian men are under a reasonable amount of pressure to ‘settle down’ and do good by their families as well. If you decide to wait, know that you will be adding one more hindrance to finding a suitable partner.

That doesn’t mean you wont find a partner who suits you. I don’t know your location, your education, your career or your family. all of these contribute to how much your decisions will be affected by outside factors.

Still, it’s your life. If you can help it, don’t settle. Wait till you are ready. The right man for you will respect your choices. You have to be the master of your fate.

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  1. These stupid Paki girls should be compelled to watch the real videos of Palestine and Syrian women.How the Israeli dogs are spoiling them and then they will understand and accept the reality.

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