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These Days family Shows Badly Seen PPRA Ban

 These Days family Shows Badly Seen PPRA Ban
کہاں سو رہا ہے پیمرا اب ایسے سین بھی ڈراموں میں چلیں گے؟
“I never thought I’d hear that out of Harold Bishop’s mouth. I feel like God just swore,” said laughing host Grant Denyer.


His answer gained a huge round of applause from the audience but it wasn’t on the board of most popular answers (based on a survey of 100 people). The round went instead to Wentworth stars of Bernard Curry, Kate Jenkinson, Katrina Milosevic and Celia Ireland, who said they would rob banks.

Smith, who also worked as a writer/director on the show, revealed that he came up with the term “the freak” for character Joan Ferguson. He did not like the original name of ‘Massive Ferguson’, “No, no you need to come up with one word that creates a chill,” he told Denyer.

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