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Thermoelectric Tea bags gadget material Cup of Tea

الیکٹرانک ٹی بیگ سے چائے بنانا اب لمحوں کی بات

Thermoelectric Tea bags gadget material Cup of Tea

The electronic TEABAG: transforms a cup of cold water into a steaming brew at the flick of a switch

The art of making a good cup of tea has been perfected over centuries – requiring care, attention and a good degree of patience. For those who have none of these, there are tea bags.

But now a new gadget promises to allow those pressed for time to enjoy the delicate flavours that come from a brew made from loose tea leaves.

The designers of the Mychai claim it can transform a mug of cold water into a steaming cup of tea in just a few minutes simply by placing it in the water and pressing a button.



The battery powered device, which is designed to fit inside a handbag or pocket, can heat the water and diffuse the leaves at the press of a button.


The device features four different settings that will adjust the brew time according to whether you prefer green tea, black tea, herbal tea or Oolong.


Uttara Ghodke, 22, an industrial design student from Pune, near Mumbai in India, has spent two years developing the device.

She is now hoping to attract support on the crowdfunding site Behance to develop her prototype into a commercial product.

Miss Ghodke, said: ‘Being an enormous fan of tea, I always dreamed of owning a portable tea maker which I can carry anywhere.

‘I thought why not convert this idea into reality. This is how I came up with the idea of an entirely portable personal tea maker.

‘Mychai’s portability and its new technology makes it stand out from other products.

‘It doesn’t involve any electrical connection to work. It operates on a rechargeable battery which will allow for two or three cups to be made on one charge.’

Users fill the base of the MyChai with the loose tea leaves of their choice before connecting it to the rest of the device.

A thermoelectric material in the stem of the gadget acts as a heating element to warm the water to the required temperature.

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