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Teen Girl tear becomes crystal Amazing

Teen Girl tear becomes crystal Amazing

 الله کی قدرت! لڑکی کے آنسو موتی بن گئے، نا قابل یقین ویڈیو

There is a girl in Lebanon whose tears are become crystal when it comes out from her eyes. Girls was also taken to doctor for her regular checkup about her disease. Medical expert was also got surprised to see the girl when he checked her ability to produce crystals which was amazing for him. According to him, it was the miracle originated in Lebanon.

Teen Girl tear becomes crystal Amazing

He checked the girl as a whole by using his latest technology and tried to find out the reason but in vain. When it was informed to other doctors of Lebanon, they all were gathered to see the girl and started to think on the reason on which she was producing crystals. After a long deliberation, they reached at point as her water has some chemical which react with the air when come out of eyes.

According to them when that water reacts with air out of eye, it directly makes crystals. Otherwise, they were unable to tell anything solid regarding the reason. She was also taken to some other doctors to know as it would not be dangerous for the life of girl. So doctors checked her thoroughly and said as it would not be dangerous for her life as well.

Some people who were there they made video of the girl when doctor was checking her. They made the whole video and uploaded it on the internet portals. It took no time and got viral in the whole world. People in the whole are amazed and astonished about this girl. According to them, they have seen it in Hollywood movies but not in real life.

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