Saturday , 3 December 2016
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Teacher Scandal With Student Video Caught

استاد تو باپ کیظرح ہوتا ہے، ایسے خبیثوں کو سرعام لٹکانا چاہئے، بچے نہ دیکھیں

Teacher Scandal With Student Video Caught

International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to reflect on where we are in our fight for gender equality in the UK, in Europe and around the world. For those of us facing the UK referendum on EU membership this June, it is also extremely important to reflect on how much the EU has done, and continues to do, to promote women’s rights and gender equality.

Teacher Scandal With Student Video Caught

Since being elected as an MEP in 2014, I have been heavily involved in promoting the cause of gender equality within the European Parliament and beyond, most notably as an active member within the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee.

For women and men and persons of all gender identities who care about equality and social justice, guaranteeing rights and advancing equality is one more crucial reason that the UK must remain a member of the European Union, and lead the way towards a more equal Europe.

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