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Tawaf ke Doran Crane Girnay se 200 Haji Shaheed Video Leaked

Tawaf ke Doran Crane Girnay se 200 Haji Shaheed Video Leaked

MAKKAH: At least 65 people have reportedly been martyred after a crane caved in as a result of strong winds at Makkah’s Grand Mosque, according to Saudi media.

According to details, the crane collapsed due to strong winds coupled with rain in Makkah initially injuring several people. However, it is now being reported by Saudi media that at least 65 people have been martyred in the wake of incident and 154 injured. The martyrs also included a Pakistani national.


Several people were trapped under the heavy crane as it came down. A large number of pilgrims were present at the time of incident, who gather in Makkah and Madina every year to perform Hajj. The crane was installed to facilitate construction works with regard to the extension of Grand Mosque.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Mamnoon Hussain have expressed sorrow over the incident.

They prayed for the heightening of stages of the ones martyred in the wake of crane collapse. PM Sharif directed the Pakistani diplomats to console the injured. At least 62 people were killed when a crane crashed in Mecca’s Grand Mosque on Friday, Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defence authority said on its Twitter account, an accident that came just weeks before the Muslim annual haj pilgrimage

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Pictures circulating on social media showed pilgrims in bloodied robes and masses of debris from a part of the crane that seemed to have crashed through a ceiling. Saudi authorities go to great lengths to be prepared for the millions of Muslim who converge on Mecca to perform the sacred pilgrimage.

Last year, the kingdom reduced the numbers permitted to perform haj for safety reasons because of construction work to enlarge the Grand Mosque.

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