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Talaak at wedding ceremony Due to Load shedding

Talaak at wedding ceremony Due to Load shedding

پاکستان میں لوڈ شیڈنگ کے د وران دلہن غلط دلہے کے ساتھ رخصت ولیمے پر کیا ہوا ویڈیو دیکھیں

Serious problem creates in wedding ceremony at times when the parents of girl deny to them to give their daughter. The whole guests were very happy when they were coming to get his brother’s bride. They all were dancing while coming to bridal home but here was another thing to happen. Actually problem creates at time when parents of bride see to groom which was not the same to whom they had seen.

Talaak at wedding ceremony Due to Load shedding

When it was cleared to all people as they had come there to deceive them the people started to hit them badly. There was a big fight started between two families. Other people who belonged to bridal home, they also started to take part in fight and they hit them brutally.

When some people interrupted them and asked as why they were fighting to each other, then they told them the exact reason. People from groom side were not ready to accept allegation and bridal side was focusing on it. Groom was also showing to media his documentation of marriage but in vain.

After interrupting in fight from some respected people, they could not manage the problem. They tried a lot to ask them as it should not be happened but they were failed in this matter. The parents of bridal were not agreed to send her daughter with that person to whom they did not like at all.

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