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Stupid War Between Boys & Girls Watch Clip

Stupid War Between Boys & Girls Watch Clip

If you believe that true love exist in today’s life, then you are so much wrong about many things. What everyone interested today, is only money. Every person should be financially strong.

Stupid War Between Boys & Girls Watch Clip

To fulfill the wishes of a woman, you have to be rich; so very wealthy. This is not to show a product, or how to get rich be saving thousands of dollars ” on how to save more money on your wife. “Rather, this article is to describe the true feeling of a boy who almost infamous for a funny incident with his girlfriend.

On the day he was in the apartment of his girlfriend. Suddenly her friend cried so loudly and gathered around to inquire the reason behind it. It could be fighting between boys and girls, but this fight was the financial stress. Boy pretending to do anything to be free all the time. Girl was pretty mad at boys, because he did not do anything to satisfy their desires.

Boy pretending to be poor because he wanted to give a shock, her girls to do with money. On the daily girls to break the ice and caught his friend’s luggage to throw out the window.

Watch Clip:

However, her boyfriend was standing right out of the side of her apartment. After watching the situation in the street, neighbors stopped because of his response to facial girl laughing on boys.

He did his best to stop them from throwing his luggage, but could not resist it. Now after throwing a few things that she brought his guitar and threw it out the window. Plot: There were no guitar in your pocket, but money. When they see the money inside the bag she sings “Janu, I was joking.”

Young was disappointed, he lifted the bag and walk away from her. Rest of the boy’s and girl’s facial expression you look in the above-mentioned video clip.

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