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Strict theft Rules and Regulation in islam

Strict theft Rules and Regulation in islam

سعودی عرب میں دیکھیں کرپشن اور چوری پر منسٹر کے کیسے ہاتھ کاٹ ڈالے…پاکستان میں ایسا ہوجائے تو پوری پارلیمنٹ ٹنڈی ہوجائے

These people are literally halfway between monkeys and cavemen in the evolution game. This is the only thing that crossed my mind while watching these idiots cheer at the site of a man being chopped up. Not civilized at all.
*at Rajyadhrohi* – Rape, murder and stealing are 3 different kinds of crime bud. It seems you are trying to say that this man being chopped up was caught stealing, raping and killing? Look at the video one more time lol… It just says stealing. The problem with people who are between the stages of monkeys & cavemen is the fact that they can not yet distinguish the difference between these things.
the real Islam that the world should be getting to see. We need more of this, more of these conferences and gatherings, so that the haters know what the real things about Islam are.

Strict theft Rules and Regulation in islam

Islam never did, never does or will never promote extremism or terrorism, the real Islam that is. So how would you tell the world what the real Islam is? They need to know afterall.

Sheik Abdullah receptacle Bayyah, president of the gathering, will oversee the project, while scholastic researchers will outline the sharia and human sciences fields of the system.

The project expects to create researchers with a solid confidence in their Emirati character, comprehension of obligation and a wide information of the world. The researchers will be accountable for expanding religious and scholarly light of the UAE in the Muslim world, specifically, and the world by and large.

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<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/_dTyV0Zi_jM” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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