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Spiritual Healing Peer Usman Chronic Disease Trust

Spiritual Healing Peer Usman Chronic Disease Trust

Spiritual Healing Peer Usman Chronic Disease Trust (2)

I know this Peer personally. He is not limited to Sindh only. He has centre not only in Pakistan major cities but also throughout the world. Doctors, Engineers, Senior army officers come to him for cure. His many centres in UK, USA, Canada, Japan and in Europe are being run by highly literate people. Allah has put cure in a treatment he does. I know countless people that Allah has cured them from chronic diseases like all kinds of cancer, arthritis, stroke etc etc. Even I saw many many from my own eyes how people got cured. He uses Olive Oil and we know this oil is stated in Quran. He reads only Quran while applying hot olive oil with his heel. A sign of wise man, before he pass any comments he does the research work. Now all of you who oppose him think about it, Who is Jahil

The peer name is Peer Usman. He does the treatment at free of cost. Also he has built a hospital where poor people are being treated at no cost.

Watch Video:

His website is www.peerusman.com

I strongly recommend if you know anyone with chronic disease. do contact him or his student. As I said among his students many are American doctors, Engineers and highly literate [people.See his contact number at his website.

Also if you dont believe me go to youtube or visit his site and watch patient reviews.

In the video clip it’s showing that he is only giving treatment to old people.
Spiritual Healing Peer Usman Chronic Disease Trust
Spiritual Healing: We offer free spiritual healing to everyone and have several healing centers through out the world. Visit our healing videos of arthritis healing, brain cancer healing, immune disorder healing, kidney healing, stroke healing, paralysis healing and other diseases.  We have recorded many cases of people healed from back disorder, cancer, kidney disorder, prostrate and other diseases.  If you are interested in getting spiritual treatment or advice then contact Peer Usman or his student guides.

Video Testimonials Below:
Arthritis/Joint issues healing
Back Issues healing
Cancer healing
Brain Cancer healing
Hepatitis healing
Immune disorders healing
Intestine Cancer healing
Kidney issues healing
Liver issues healing
Lungs problems healing
Paralysis healing
Parkinsons healing
Prostrate healing
Spine disorders healing
Stroke healing

Peer Usman: I was given these healing powers about 25 years back by Allah through an enlightened spiritual person to heal people suffering from different diseases including cancers, immune disorders, stroke, parkinsons, kidney disorder, epilepsy, skin problems, spine and back issues, hepatitis, paralysis and many others. By the Grace of Allah, I have treated hundreds of thousands of ailing persons across the globe. People call me Peer Usman but I am not a typical peer or a charlatan, neither am I a healer that charges any fees. I don’t give or write taweez. My healing is through Quranic verses.

Free Healing: I offer this healing absolutely free and do it entirely as a service for humanity. I have no personal gains attached to it neither do any of my students charge any fees. I have students in several countries including America, Canada, Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, India, Pakistan, and United Kingdom.

Healing Centers: Besides the places that offer this healing service to people in various countries mentioned above, I have two large non-profit organizations that are offer these healing services to hundreds of people every week. These are MMR Free Hospital (Munshi Mohammad Ramzan Free Hospital) in Hasilpur, Bahawalpur, Pakistan and WW Foundation (Walk Welfare Foundation) in Lahore, Pakistan.

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