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Spends Three Nights in Grave by Villager Watch Clip

Spends Three Nights in Grave by Villager Watch Clip

A villager who survived 16 hours under a grave in the direction of his fake before it was dug. The incident was reported from a remote location near Gujarat to a news channel a few days ago. The news team went to the cemetery together with the police in the city. The news went viral all over the media.

Spends Three Nights in Grave by Villager Watch Clip

The villager was put out of the grave with violence by the Gujarat Police drugged. The scam student and his spiritual teachers were arrested. The student of the spiritual forces said that he advised of his fake Peer to spend up to three days after the grave performing special prayers. The other relatives helped him dig the grave and bury him for three days. Someone from the city informs the channel office in Gujarat at the whole story, and they raided the place. There were several other complains about the fake peer already registered. The villagers also had a criminal record with the last crime at the police station.

Gujarat police has filed the case against the villagers and his fake peer. Both the spiritual fraudsters sent to jail on charges of looting innocent people and makes them to deceive. People were very scared at the fraud spiritual leaders because of wrong things in the area. The matter was sent for further actions in court.

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This type of incident was not the only one reported in a city in Gujarat with a villager. Almost everywhere in the country, people come up with their complaints to the police against such kind of fraud spiritual healer. These fraudsters make huge loses to innocent people. Authorities need to take strict measures against counterfeiting peer Mafia in society.

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