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Special Timings 40 Verses of Quran Wish accepted Fulfilled

40 Verses of Quran Wish accepted Fulfilled


1. While fasting.
2. In the last portion of the night.(tahajud time)
3. After every fard/compulsory namaaz
4. Whilst it is raining
5. After the tilawat/recitation of the Quraan
6. between the 2 qutba’s on jumua day
7. Before the jumua salaah starts


All human beings do have something to ask for from Almighty Allah. Some have a craving for some lawful worldly objects, some have to ask for solutions of their problems, some longing for remedy of illness and getting good health, while some have the far-sight of asking favours of the next world. Thus every one has something to ask from his/her own angle of view.

There are numerous Duas and A’amaal shown to us by Ahlulbayt (A.S.) for fulfillment of our Haajaat. If we supplicate sincerely observing all the needed conditions then there is a sure response for it. But sometimes we see that in spite of all our Duas and beseeching we do not get our Duaa answered. There are many reasons for it, e.g. our mode of approach may be not suitable, or, may be we are not the proper candidates for what we ask for, or, may be we are not in a proper condition, either physically or spiritually, or, may be the thing we ask for is harmful for us and we have no knowledge of it, or, may be Allah has kept in store much more magnificent thing for future then that we ask for, or, Allah knows best what is good or bad for us.

He definitely loves all His creatures and so he can’t give a thing to us that may do more harm then good. It is also mentioned in some Hadees that we should not stop asking for our demands from Allah even if we see that is not fulfilled, because for every unfulfilled Haajat there is a surprise gift for us in the next world, the gift which is so marvelous and indescribable that when it will be given to us there we will wish that it would have been very good if all our Haajaat in the world were not answered.

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