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Spain Bull Fighter Gets Harsh Lesson Watch Clip

Spain Bull Fighter Gets Harsh Lesson Watch Clip

A Spanish bullfighter was given a hard lesson from wild bull fighting in Spain. The fighter was deprived of his male characters by the reckless bull for an interesting competition. He was taken after the incident near the hospital and was asked, in a critical situation. However, the doctors confirmed that the fighter out of danger after the first aid.

Spain Bull Fighter Gets Harsh Lesson Watch Clip

Following local customs, bullfighting competitions are constantly in Spain every year. The interesting part of this sport is that every year, but a number of competitors are injured next year they come back to take part in their traditional sports. Local people can live without food, but you can not imagine leaving this activity.

The jam-packed arena waiting for bullfighting, since the afternoon and when the mighty bell rang to start the fight, they were standing on their toes to glad to welcome the fighters. All the fighters were introduced to the public before the fight, and the audience applauded her courage.
The fighter was red cloth in her hands to push the cops. The competitions were broadcast on local television stations in Spain, how the public really called to see match live. It was on the local broadcasters may the event live cover.

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That was the most dangerous fight in Spain, the fighters had hurt ever experienced in his life. He reported to leave the profession after this fight, but the way he was finished so painful for him. He will remember the fight for his life safe.

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