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Snake in Grave when Make Grave for Public

Snake in Grave when Make Grave for Public 
استغفراللہ! ٖقبر کی کھدائی کرتے ہوئے سانپ نکل آیا؛ دل ہلادینےوالے مناظر کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

Burning fire flames coming out of a grave in Karachi has astonished people some time back. It was a strange incident recorded at the graveyard by the public. According to reports, some visitors in the graveyard has witnessed smoke coming out. Later the smoke was converted into very hot air and felt like flames were also coming out.


However, it was invisible as well. No one was able to see the fire but the temperature near the grave in the graveyard was not bearable for a common man. Many people were scared because of such feeling. A religious scholar was called for advice and help about the strange incident. On his advice, people had started reciting holy Quran near the grave and started forgiveness for the person inside.

It was told by the people living near the graveyard that the man was involved in many sinful things in his life. Muslim scholar told people that it was actually the punishment of grave given to the man for his deeds. He was ripening the fruit of which he had sown during his life.

All Muslims have firm belief that one day in the grave; everyone has to face judgement for his deeds. Only pious Muslims will succeed in the examination of graveyard. The punishment of Allah in the grave will be unbearable for the sinners. However, pious people will go into Janna and will have an amazing life after.

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