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Sleeping Woman Dangerous bed Prank Man Teases

New York City Dangerous Prank Man Teases Sleeping Woman Watch Video

New York: A woman who fortunately survived life in New York City the dangerous prank while they sleep on the bed in her apartment. She was living with her boyfriend in the apartment and the friend it was presented in the bedroom when her friend holding your breath away.

New York City Dangerous Prank Man Teases Sleeping Woman Watch Video

The man decided something fun to do with her. In New York City, it is very common to pull hilarious pranks with your friends and enjoy their reactions. The man in the bedroom with her friend start the vacuum cleaner.

He moves slowly on the bed with vacuum cleaner and put it in the mouth of the sleeping woman. The woman was in shock for a few minutes and pulled the cleaner immediately.

The woman took a few minutes to control her nerves, trying to understand the situation. She realized that he has a friend that stupid joke almost took her life. She was angry and struck the man on doing this dangerous prank and asked him to leave the room immediately, or he could be their anger.

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The act of man was very dangerous and pathetic because it will take the woman’s life. Every joke or funny story with sleeping person, the nerve and heart damage. The woman had the good fortune of the shock nothing else you could before they happen survive any kind of medical help.

In developed countries such as USA, adolescents show carelessness while you make fun of others or various pranks. Over the years, this stupid and foolish pranks, people have taken many lives, but still insist to risk the precious lives of friends or family members.

The ratio of people lost their lives only through these tricks is much higher than any other city in the world in New York. An effective campaign on the dark side of these tricks is to be aware of the public is necessary in order to avoid any kind of accident or disaster.

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